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About Robert Boog

Robert Boog lives a half hour north of Los Angeles in Valencia California where he works as a real estate broker. He writes books and songs as a hobby. He claims he once left a yellow lined legal notepad filled with lyrics behind at a coffee shop and was encouraged by a friendly barista to turn them into songs.

“I don’t claim that they’re great songs, but over 15,000 people have downloaded them.”

I’m not really a doctor, but I often play one at Starbucks.

How writing songs began

“In real estate it’s important to prospect, every day,” Boog explains. “That’s really your job, to go out and shake the bushes and find people who want to buy or sell. So I got into the habit of using a timer because my wife once got angry at me and said, ‘What is it going to take for you to prospect? Do I have to put a gun to your head?’ That really got to me.

I mean I thought, ‘What if somebody really DID put a gun to my head? What if they said, ‘You have GOT to prospect for 30 minutes or we will kill you.’ What would I do?” Boog reflected, “I don’t know about you, but I would use a timer. I mean, I wouldn’t want to prospect for 29 minutes or 31 minutes, right? They said 30 minutes.”

“From prospecting like that, I decided to do something creative each day using a timer for 18 minutes. After all, most of us procrastinate, don’t we? We say, one day I’ll do it. But if you pretend like someone has a gun to your head, it forces you to act. So no matter if it was crap or something brilliant, I would write for 18 minutes. And eventually, I tried to make sense of things.”

What was your first song?

The one the barista liked was called “Gift of Love”. Here are the lyrics. It’s not really a song. Or very good but Phydra, the singer I met online, said she thought it was cute and believed she could sing it. CLICK here to listen to Gift of Love on the Elephant albumĀ 

Your Favorite?

“John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Sting, Elton John, Prince, Pharell and Nile Rodgers are all my fave songwriters… pick any one of their hit songs. Of the ones I’ve written? – too hard to single out. What is amazing to me, seriously, is that you or I can write something down. A thought. And then someone else can sing it and turn it into a song. One time, for example, my wife was feeling down and so I wrote her a little poem. Gave it to her with some flowers. To my surprise she HATED it. Absolutely hated it. So later, I tried to sing it as a song. Sounded like crap, so I sent it to a friend, Andrea and he sang it like it was really a song. To my surprise, it sounded good to me. So that song, Cheer is amazing because of what Andrea was able to do with it. It’s way too long and will never see the light of day but I’ve got to give him all the credit as it was never meant to be a song. Just a poem and a shitty one at that”. Here is the YouTube video for Cheer

What is Your Most Recent Song?

I just rewrote a song called “Blackbirds” and another song called “Your Friend Zone” that you can find on Spotify. Blackbirds is probably the darkest song I’ve ever written but the lady who sings it did a great job.