Hang Shakespeare! But Not Devere - a true story mystery

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Looking for a true-story mystery? In the title poem found on the First Folio, Ben Jonson writes a message, hidden in plain sight, to "hang" Shakespeare! Why? Supporters of William Shakespeare may tell you "It doesn't actually say to 'Hang Shakespeare'. Typesetting back in those days at best was capricious and arbitrary." Oh really? It's like the famous optical illusion of the young woman/old woman. Some people will only see the old woman unless the young woman is pointed out.

Why does Jonson tell us to hang Shakespeare? Why does he CONCEAL the name de Vere? Join the investigation. Perhaps, after you have finished, you might wish to investigate further and add your thoughts this 400+ year old mystery - or at least discover what author Robert Boog has figured out and see if you agree with him or not in Hang Shakespeare!

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