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“If My Dog Could Talk”

A fun song for dog lovers. Check out the video – its filled with humorous Memes of our furry friends.


A fun dance song sung by the amazingly talented 13beatz.

” iBelieve”

A song sung by the very talented Jonathan Martin.

“Something More”

A song about gun violence

Check out Robert’s song “Something More.” At it’s core, the song asks what can we do to stop gun violence? Can’t we be more like Nipsey Hussle and dedicate time in our community? Maybe if we can just promote that it’s NOT cool to fall for hate. Listen to the song on Spotify, “Something More” Sung by the very talented Kidd Dreamz.

Click here for Spotify link

https://youtu.be/Jh-f9TRvuHY Link for “Calling” A dance song sung by the very talented 13beatz

.song "your friend zone" cover imageclick here for Spotify: Your Friend Zone 

blackbirds a song by boog robert sung by Este

click here: BlackBirds  (Feat Esté)

Lyric Book: click here to download a book of lyrics a $15 value – FREE TODAY

Monarch Butterfly (a whole album of Robert Boog’s original songs written in 2009!)

Scroll down for MORE songs on i-tunes

elephant by robert boogXmas baby

Click here for Xmas Baby ( a rap song) along with other great songs

baseball song

Like Country music? The Baseball Song  written by Robert Boog

Blindspot by robert boog

Listen to Blindspot – an album containing Robert Boog’s most popular songs

wait for you a song about dogs

 Dog Lovers CLICK HERE – the video has over 15,000 views!

sweet summer moon

CLICK to hear this lovely album of songs by Robert Boog

i believe

CLICK here for a fun positive song by robert boog

hashtag true story

Click here for T-C-A (total class act) inspired by one of my favorite groups, The Spinners

RAOK stands for “Random Acts of Kindness”

If My Dog Could Talk

Another song for dog-lovers.

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