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tca by robert boog

You can purchase T-C-A here!

Check out “The Real Estate Rookie” on Amazon.com

Blindspot by robert boog

Available now on iTunes.    REVIEW of Blindspot.

Click to listen to a sample of any song for free. All songs written by Robert Boog and performed by others. New Song! BlackBirds

Click to hear his most popular songs:

Wait for You – a LOVE song

My Favorite Memory

RAOK (random acts of kindness)






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love is all there is, a song by robert boog

Robert Boog’s  single: “Love is All There Is” has been played locally on FM radio in Los Angeles and may make it to the east coast soon. You can listen to it here (it starts after The Weeknd’s song, “Hills” (around 01.40):


Click this link to purchase “Love is All there Is”


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Songs written by Robert Boog and performed by others